From idea to execution, we advise you on an array of financial incentives and subsidies to boost your profit and maximize your opportunities for success. 

Operational Support 

Training and coaching to ensure more competitive business 

Energy Tax Credit 

To cover the costs of energy-efficiency upgrades of commercial buildings 


Research&Development Tax Based Credit Programs 

Designed to promote innovation and business growth 

Export Tax Incentives 

Tax deductions aimed at developing the export market



Public Funding 

Grants or loans for investment and  funding for training related costs designed to stimulate business growth 

Tax Based Incentives and Subsidies 

Assessment and collection of eligible public subsidies to boost your profits 



Our Experience 

Since 1987, INFOCONSEIL has been a leading consulting company in the areas of subsidies, as well as professional training and coaching for corporations in France and Europe.                                                                                                                                         

In 1998, we expanded our expertise to advise our clients on assessment and collection of public subsidies and tax deductions provided by the French government to local and foreign companies to promote economic growth, foreign investment, and innovation.                                                                                                             

Over the past 30 years, INFOCONSEIL has worked closely with clients, supporting their business projects including financing, logistics, human resources, tax advisory, consulting.                                                                                                                                         

We currently serve 150 clients based in France, Europe and the United States.                                                                                                                             

Our mission? We endeavor to maximize our clients' profits and savings through our end-to-end service and a cost-effective approach that is aimed at successfully collecting all of the deductions or subsidies for which your company qualifies. 

Are you the founder of an innovative startup?

You might benefit from the status known as "Innovative Young Enterprise"  ("J.E.I." in French), which was created by the French government for young startups that have been operating for fewer than eight years.

The "JEI Status" enables startups to deduct organizational costs of up to 200,000 Euros and offers a tax exemption over a period of eight years. This exception may be retroactive for three years. We can review your case and assist you through the process. 

Our proven experience in the areas of public subsidies and business financing will expedite the completion of your tasks and maximize your profits.

Let us guide you through the various procedures involved in launching your business or project in France and provide you with an overall assessment of the subsidies for which your company might qualify. 

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